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Wheel Alignment

At Stowmarket Exhaust & Tyre Centre Ltd, we stock a wide variety of tyres to accommodate every budget, for cars, vans, Motorcycles, wheelbarrows and even ride-on lawn mowers.

Nigel and the team appreciate the importance of correctly aligned vehicle geometry and the importance this plays in your vehicles and tyres performance. Our centre at Unit 3, Charles Industrial Estate features the very latest wheel alignment equipment and as importantly, fully trained staff who are here to provide you with the very best wheel alignment service possible and save you money.

So what is four wheel alignment ?

Over time as the car and its components have evolved, so has the way cars steering and suspension are set up along with the way in which steering geometry is measured.

The modern car is built for comfort, handling and performance. In order to achieve and maintain the best handling, ride and optimum tyre wear possible, the steering and suspension need to be checked periodically and adjustments made if necessary to ensure all four wheels are correctly aligned in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.

What are the benefits ?

  • Incorrectly aligned steering geometry is a major contributor of premature tyre wear and over time correctly maintained wheel alignment can add thousands of extra miles to a tyres life saving you money in the process.  
  • Improved fuel consumption - every tyre creates an amount drag. This is the degree of resistance created between the tyre and road surface. Incorrectly aligned wheels create an increased amount of drag which although small, create increased engine effort and in turn an increase in fuel consumption as a result.
  • Improved handling - All vehicle manufacturers determine alignment angles to provide optimum handling, ride and tyre wear in order to create the most enjoyable driving experience.   
  • Aids environmental concerns in the process by helping to reduce emissions as a result of decreased fuel consumption.
  • Helps reduce the need for tyre disposal as quickly as a result of prolonged tyre life which in turn reduces environmental impact and costs associated with tyre disposal.

It is very important to have your alignment checked regularly, which is why we offer free checks on all makes and models of vehicle. If you do require your wheel alignment to be readjusted, we can offer a professional and fast service at the lowest possible price ang the viseo below gives some indication of the importance of having your e wheels aligned correctly aligned in accordannce with your vehicle manufacturers guidelines and the impact that incorectly whees can have on your pocket so please contact Nigel, Andy or one of the team for your free wheel alignment check and let Stowmarket Exhausts And Tyres take the worry out of wheel alignment.

We look forward to seeing you.

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